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    We have specialized with help of professional & quality conscious team to manufacture precision machine screw, Brass Contacts, Copper Contacts, Self tapping screw, Metric or non metric screws, Metric small size bolts, washers, fully or partially forged components, turned component, rivets and many more described later on page. However screw may also described by metal from which it is manufactured (i.e. MS Screw, SS Screws, Stainless Steel Screws, Copper Contacts / Screws, Brass Contacts / Screw, Metal Screw etc.), by end applications.

    Copper Screws. Copper Hex Screws are widely used in industrial applications due to their high strength, corrosion-resistance, conductivity and antimicrobial properties. we manufactures high quality Copper Hex Cap Screws using copper.We can manufacture Copper Allen Cap Screws to exacting tolerances with custom sizes, shapes and thread configurations.

    You can be assured that your Copper Socket Cap Screw will meet your exact application requirements and perform well. In addition, Copper Alloy Screws are manufactured to MIL-I 45208 standards and we can manufacture to ASTM, SAE, DIN and customer-defined specifications if required. We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality Cu Screws and our experienced staff will work with you from your initial call through delivery of a production-ready product to ensure that your part is manufactured to your exact specification

    Standard Specification For Copper Screws

    Copper Screws



    CDA 101, CDA 102, CDA 110

    4x M10-1.50

    Types Of Copper Screws
    Copper Machine Screw Supplier
    Cu Self Tapping Screw
    Copper Allen Cap Screw
    Cu Thread Cutting Screw Manufacturer
    Copper Set Screw
    Copper Grub Screw
    Cu Wing Screws
    Copper Eye Screw
    Copper Countersunk Slotted Screw
    Copper Alloy Self Drilling Screw Supplier
    Cu Machine screw
    Copper allen cap screw
    Copper hex cap screw Exporter
    Cu Drywall Screw Stockist
    Copper Hex Screw Manufacturer
    Cu Metric Set Screws
    Copper Socket Cap Screw
    Copper Security Head Screw Exporter
    Copper hex cap screw Exporter
    Copper hex screw
    Cu socket cap screw
    Copper countersunk slotted screw Manufacturer
    Copper Phillips Head Screw Supplier
    Copper Lag Screw Distributor
    Cu Wood Screw
    Copper allen cap screw
    ISO Certified Cu Particle Board Screw
    Copper Construction Screws
    Copper countersunk slotted screw
    Cu Collated Screw

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    Types of Screws For Sale

    Copper Screw Caps
    Copper Screw Eyes
    Copper Alloy Screw
    Copper And Screw
    Antique Copper Screw
    Copper Binding Screw
    Copper Book Screw
    Copper Brass Screw
    Copper Ball Screw
    Beryllium Copper Screw
    Copper Contact Screw
    Copper Column Screw
    Copper Cylinder Screw
    Copper Dome Screw
    Copper Screw Eyelets
    Electrical Copper Screw
    Screwfix Copper
    Copper Screw Flange
    Copper Screw For Sale
    Copper Grub Screw
    Copper Gutter Screw
    Copper Screw Heads
    Copper Hex Screw
    Copper Flat Head Screw
    Copper Pan Head Screw
    Copper Screw In Hooks
    Screw for Copper Pipe
    Copper Screw Lock
    Copper Set Screw Lugs
    Copper Screw M3/M4/M6

    Copper Roofing Screw
    Copper Set Screw
    Copper Strap Screw
    Copper Thumb Screw
    Copper Self Tapping Screw
    Copper Screw Washers
    Copper Wood Screw
    Copper Screw Manufacturers
    Copper Machine Screw
    Copper Mirror Screw
    Copper Masonry Screws
    Copper Screw Nut
    Copper Screw Nail
    Copper Nickel Screws
    Copper Plated Screw
    Copper Binding Post Screw
    Copper Wire Screw
    Copper Welding Screw
    Copper Wood Screws For Sale
    Copper Wall Screws
    M7 X 0.5mm Copper Screw
    1 Copper Screws
    1/2 Copper Screws
    3/8 Copper Screws
    3 Way Switch Copper Screw
    4-40 Copper Screw
    Copper 510 Screw
    #8 Copper Screw
    8 32 Copper Screw
    8mm Copper Pipe Screwfix
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