• Stainless Steel Pipe Surface Finish | Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Polishing | SS Pipe Dimensions Sizes in OD & Inches | Pressure Rating | Schedule, Wall Thickness | Weight | Tolerances | Properties
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Surface Finish | Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Polishing

    Stainless Steel Pipe Surface Finish | Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Polishing | Learn More About SS Pipe Dimensions | Sizes in OD & Inches | Pressure Rating | Schedule, Wall Thickness & Weight | tolerances | properties

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    Stainless Steel Pipe Surface Finish | Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Polishing

    What surface finishes are available on stainless steels?

    There are many different types of surface finish on stainless steel. Some of these originate from the mill but many are applied later during processing, for example polished, brushed, blasted, etched and coloured finishes.

    The importance of surface finish in determining the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel surface cannot be overemphasised. A rough surface finish can effectively lower the corrosion resistance to that of a lower grade of stainless steel.

    The European standards for stainless steels have attempted to define the most common surface finishes. However, due to the proprietary nature of many suppliers’ finishes, it is unlikely that complete standardisation is possible. This is a summary of the most common types for each product form

    Common Surface Finishes for Flat Products from EN 10088-2 (for full list see Specifying finishes for stainless steel flat products (sheet and plate)

    Surface Finish Code


    Mill finishes



    Hot rolled, heat treated, pickled. The most common hot rolled finish. A non reflective, rough surface. Not normally used for decorative applications


    Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, pinch passed. The most common cold rolled mill finish. Dull grey slightly reflective finish. Can be used in this condition or frequently is the starting point for a wide range of polished finishes.


    Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled.


    Work hardened by rolling to give enhanced strength level. Various ranges of tensile or 0.2% proof strength are given in EN 10088-2 up to 1300 MPa and 1100 MPa respectively dependent on grade


    Cold rolled hardened and tempered. Applies to martensitic steels which respond to this kind of heat treatment.


    Cold rolled and bright annealed, still commonly known as BA. A bright reflective finish. Can be used in this condition or as the starting point for polishing or other surface treatment processes e.g. colouring

    In the following codes “1” refers to hot rolled being the starting point and “2” as cold rolled

    Special Finishes


    1G or 2G

    Ground. Relatively coarse surface. Unidirectional. Grade of polishing grit or surface roughness can be specified

    1J or 2J

    Brushed or dull polished. Smoother than 1G/2G. Grade of polishing grit or surface roughness can be specified

    1K or 2K

    Satin polish. Similar to 1J/2J but with maximum specified Ra value of 0.5 micron. Usually achieved with SiC polishing belts. Alumina belts are strongly discouraged for this finish as this will have detrimental effect on corrosion resistance. Recommended for external architectural and coastal environments where bright polish (1P/2P) is not acceptable.


    Bright polished. Non-directional, reflective. Can specify maximum surface roughness. The best surface for corrosion resistance.


    Coloured by chemical process to thicken the passive layer and produce interference colours. A wide range of colours is possible.


    Patterned. One surface flat.


    Surface coated e.g. with tin = Terne coating


    Corrugated. Similar to patterned but both surfaces are affected

    Bead blasting

    Not in EN 10088-2. Work being undertaken to more accurately define finishes.

    Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Polishing

    Stainless steel pipe polishing is an important process for manufactures and architectural applications. Polishing stainless steel pipes creates a uniform and consistent surface finish–vital for tank manufactures and OEMs supplying products to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Penn Stainless inventories polished pipe. Check back for more updates. We are just getting started with this section of our website. Contact us with any questions you have!

    2B Mill Finish

    The stainless steel is cold rolled, softened and descaled, similar to the process of a 2D finish. It then receives a final light pass on polished rolls known as a  ‘pinch pass’. The steel remains gray in appearance, but the final pass on polished rolls produces a smoother, brighter surface than  2D finish. This is a general purpose, cold rolled finish; it is suitable for a wide range of stainless steel applications and wide range of subsequent polishing processes, such as satin finishing. Typical uses for 2B finish include non-decorative or functional sheet metal products, industrial refrigeration equipment, chemical plant and plumbing fixtures.

    #6 Polish

    No. 6 Finish is a dull, silver white finish with relatively short linear polishing lines.The No. 6 finish has a lower reflectivity than No. 4 finish, and is produced by Tampico brushing a No. 4 finish sheet in an oil and abrasive medium. This finish often used for stainless steel architectural projects between the 1930 –  1980’s. It is no longer produced by toll polishing houses, but custom fabricators sometimes apply it to small projects.

    # 7 & #8 Mirror

    o. 7 Finish is very reflective and has a mirror-like appearance. A No. 4 finish that has been polished to 320-grit is buffed for up to 10 minutes but existing grit lines are not removed.  Fine polishing lines can often be seen by an observer standing several feet from a panel.This finish is often used for ornamental purposes, such as trim, column covers, or wall panels.
    No. 8 Finish is the most reflective finish covered by ASTM standards. It is produced using the same process as No. 7 finish except that buffing continues for an additional five to ten minutes. The grit lines are much less visible than the No. 7 finish, but can still be seen if examined closely. The resulting finish is the closest finish to an actual mirror, but is not perfectly reflective.

    #4 Polish

    No. 4 Finish is produced with short, parallel polishing lines. These lines extend uniformly along the length of the coil. It is obtained by mechanically polishing a No. 3 finish with gradually finer abrasives. Depending on requirements, the final finish can be between 120 to 320 grit. High grit numbers create finer polishing lines and more reflective finishes. The surface roughness is typically Ra 25 micro-inches or less. This is a general-purpose finish, and is widely used for  kitchen/restaurant equipment, food processing, and dairy equipment.

    No. 3 Polished Finish

    No. 3 Polished Finish is also known as grinding, roughing or rough grinding. This finish is coarse, and usually is a preliminary finish applied before manufacturing. No. 3 is an intermediate polished finish, with examples including grinding gates off of castings, deburring or removing excess weld material. It is applied by using 36–100 grit abrasive.

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    Stainless Steel Pipes Specifications

    ASTM A312: Seamless and straight-seam welded austenitic pipe intended for high temperature and general corrosive service. Filler metal not permitted during welding.

    ASTM A358: Electric fusion welded austenitic pipe for corrosive and/or high temperature service. Typically only pipe up to 8 inch is produced to this specification. Addition of filler metal is permitted during welding.

    ASTM A790: Seamless and straight-seam welded ferritic/austenitic (duplex) pipe intended for general corrosive service, with a particular emphasis on resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

    ASTM A409: Straight-seam or spiral-seam electric fusion welded large diameter austenitic light-wall pipe in sizes 14” to 30” with walls Sch5S and Sch 10S for corrosive and/or high

    ASTM A376: Seamless austenitic pipe for high temperature applications.

    ASTM A813: Single-seam, single- or double- welded austenitic pipe for high temperature and general corrosive applications.

    ASTM A814: Cold-worked welded austenitic pipe for high temperature and general corrosive service.

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    ASTM A312 Stainless Steel Pipe Price List in India

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