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  • Alloy 20 ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Round Bar & Rod

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    Alloy 20 Round Bar

    Alloy 20 Round Bar Suppliers

    Raaj Sagar Steels is ISO and NORSOK Approved Manufacturers & Suppliers of Alloy 20 Bar. we are approved suppliers Of Alloy 20 Round bars in Indian Oil,BHEL,NTPC,Hawa Valve & 45 other large size Organisations in INDIA & Overseas.The company plant is equipped with a range of machines and advanced processing facilities that give tremendous flexibility to meet the exact needs of our clients. Raaj Sagar Steels has Become No 1 Astm B473 N08020 Flat Bar Exporter in India, We are Largest Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Square Bar Distributors,As Per Research by Steel info Magazine Raaj Sagar Steels is no 1 Alloy 20 Round Bar Trader. We are Known as Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Threaded Rod Stockist. We have Become Fourth Largest 20cb-3 Stainless Steel Welding Rod Stockholder, Alloy 20 Tig Rod Wholesaler.

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    we are producing WNR 2.4660 Bars Suppliers in a variety of shapes and sizes according to various specifications of steel, and conforming to BSS, EN series, SAE, ISI, DIN, AISI.The company is the foremost producer of Bright bars in India which compare with the finest in the world. We process almost all popular grades in various national and International specifications.

    Alloy 20 / UNS N08020

    Nickel Alloy 20 Bar

    Nickel Alloy 20, UNS N08020 is an austenitic metal primarily comprised of nickel, iron, and chromium. It was originally developed to fill an industrial need for elite resistance to acidic substances, and alloy 20 is particularly adept at resisting the damaging effects of sulfuric acid. Sometimes classified as a "super alloy," alloy 20 also displays strong mechanical properties and is relatively easy to machine and fabricate.


    Alloy 20 is an iron-base, austenitic alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to a number of different media and proves to be useful in a number of applications such as flue-gas desulfurization, chemical processing, food processing and storage as well as pharmaceutical applications to name a few. Application of the alloy could result in real cost savings when carefully compared to higher-cost alloys to determine if the necessary resistance is obtained in the chosen media. Applications are limited to a maximum temperature of 1000°F per ASME.

    Resistance to Corrosion

    Resistance to sulfuric acid is particularly exceptional but the alloy shows useful resistance in phosphoric acid, nitric acid as well as in chloride environments. Alloy 20 is an excellent option when chloride stress corrosion cracking is an issue and resists pitting and crevice corrosion.

    Fabrication and Heat Treatment

    Alloy 20 can be formed by either hot-working or cold-work using traditional methods. Hot forged material should be heated between 2100°F and 2250°F with careful temperature control insuring that the material not fall below 1800°F prior to forging. After hot working, anneal the material by heating to 1725°F and 1850°F for a minimum of 30 minutes per inch of thickness followed by water quench.

    When stress relieving is desired, heat to a temperature below 1000°F followed by water quench after the desired time at temperature
    has been established. Annealing Alloy 20 should be between 1725°F and 1850°F for 30 minutes at temperature per inch of thickness. A lower hardness can be obtained by heating to 2100°F but his may have a negative effect on the stabilization of the alloy.

    Welding Alloy 20 is commonly performed via, TIG, MIG as well as submerged arc welding (SAW) using either the matching filler metal, ER320LR for TIG and MIG and E320LR for SAW. When welding to dissimilar alloys such as 316 or higher alloys such as C276 and Alloy 22, AWS ERNiCrMo-3 can be used for TIG and MIG while using ENiCrMo-3 for SAW.

    ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Alloy 20 Round Bar Specification

    Alloy 20 Material Specification: ASTM B473/ ASME SB473 Inco 20

    Grade: B473 UNS N08020 Round Bar

    Form: Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Bush, Rectangle, Flat, Billet, Ingot, Forging, PSQ Bar, Wire Rod, Wire (Coil Form), Wire-mesh etc.

    Size Range: 15NB to 150NB In manufacturing process: Cold drawn/ Extruded

    Length: 100 mm To 3000 mm Long & Above

    Diameter (Size) : Metric M6 to M48, Inches - 1/4’’ to 2’’

    Tolerance : H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, K9, K10, K11, K12 or as per clients’ requirements

    Finish : Cold Drawn, Shot Blast & Drawn, 240 Grit Belt Polished, Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish, High Polished

    Condition : Cold Drawnd Polished Cold Drawn Centreless Ground & Polished, Threading

    Surface : Hot Rolled Pickled or Sand Blasting Finished, Cold Drawn, Bright, Polished, Hairline

    Alloy 20 Bar Equivalent Grades

    Alloy 202.4660N08020-Z2NCUD31-20AZ---NiCr20CuMo

    Alloy 20 Round Bar Chemical Composition

    Alloy 2032 – 38Bal19 – 213 – 42 – 30.1 – 0.30.02 max1 – 20.02 max0.005 max0.7 max

    Alloy 20 Rod Mechanical Properties

    DensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
    8.1 g/cm31443 °C (2430 °F)Psi – 80000 , MPa – 551Psi – 35000 , MPa – 24130 %

    Trusted & Best company in India for High Carpenter 20 Products.

    Alloy 20 Square Bars Capabilities: The maximum length for ASTM B473 Alloy 20 square bars is 220 inches in the ASTM B473 Alloy 20 Bars with a maximum weight of 15,000 pounds

    Alloy 20 Forged Round Bars Capabilities: The maximum length for forged round bars and hex bars is 420 inches, in the ASTM B473 Alloy 20 Bars with a maximum weight of 20,000 pounds, 220 inches.

    Alloy 20 Flat Bars Capabilities: The maximum length for ASTM B473 Alloy 20 flat bars is 220 inches in the ASTM B473 Alloy 20 Bars with a maximum weight of 15,000 pounds.

    Standard: ASTM A276, A484, A479, A580, A582, JIS G4303, JIS G4311, DIN 1654-5,DIN 17440,GB/T 1220

    Alloy 20 Round bar
    Diameter: 3mm~800mm
    Alloy 20 Angle bar
    Size: 3mm*20mm*20mm~12mm*100mm*100mm
    Alloy 20 Square bar
    Size: 4mm*4mm~100mm*100mm
    Alloy 20 Flat bar
    Thickness: 2mm~100mm
    Width: 10mm~500mm
    Alloy 20 Hexagonal
    Size: 2mm~100mm

    Types of Alloy 20 Bar & Rod

    Round Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Round Bar

    Flat Bar suppliers

    UNS N08020 Flat Bar

    Square Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Square Bar

    Round Corner Square Bar suppliers

    Acero 20cb3 Round Corner Square Bar

    PSQ Bar (PUMP SHAFT QUALITY BAR) suppliers

    UNS N08020 Pump Shaft Quality Bar

    Hexagonal Bar / Hexagon Bar suppliers

    UNS N08020 Hexagon Bar

    Flat Block Bar suppliers

    ASTM B473 Flat Block Bar

    Rectangular Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Rectangular Bar

    Hollow Ring Bar suppliers in Mumbai

    Acero 20cb3 Hollow Ring Bar

    Bright Round Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Bright Round Bar

    Exporter of Forged Round Bar

    UNS N08020 Forged Round Bar

    Cold Drawn Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Cold Drawn Bar

    Hollow Bar suppliers

    Acero 20cb3 Hollow Bar

    Circular Bar suppliers

    20cb3 Stainless Steel Circular Bar

    Threaded Bar suppliers

    ASTM B473 Threaded Bar

    Angle Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Angle Bar

    Forged Bar suppliers

    UNS N08020 Forged Bar

    Triangle Bar suppliers

    Alloy 20 Triangle Bar

    Welding Rod suppliers

    ASTM B473 Welding Rod

    Threaded Rod suppliers

    Alloy 20 Threaded Rod

    Filler Rod suppliers

    ASTM B473 Filler Rod

    Other Type of Alloy 20 Bar & Rod Stock

    Alloy 20 Bar Alloy 20 Billets Alloy 20 Blooms Alloy 20 Rods
    Alloy 20 Rolled Bar Suppliers ASTM B473 Rolled Billets Suppliers Alloy 20 Rolled Blooms Suppliers DIN 2.4660 Rolled Rods Suppliers
    ASTM B473 Hot Rolled Bar Distributors Astm B473 N08020 Hot Rolled Billets Hot Rolled Astm B473 N08020 Blooms Hot Rolled Alloy 20 Rods Distributors
    Cold Rolled Astm B473 N08020 Bar Cold Rolled ASTM B473 Billets Cold Rolled Alloy 20 Blooms Cold Rolled 20cb3 Metal Rods
    Alloy 20 Forged Bar Suppliers ASTM B473 Forged Billets Stockist Acero 20cb3 Forged Blooms Stockist Alloy 20 Forged Rods Stockist
    Continuous Cast ASTM B473 Bar Alloy 20 Continuous Cast Billets Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Continuous Cast Blooms Acero 20cb3 Concast Rods
    Alloy 20 Annealed Bar Stockist ASTM B473 Annealed Billets Distributors 20cb3 Metal Annealed Blooms Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Annealed Rods
    Acero 20cb3 Normalized Bar Alloy 20 Normalized Billets ASTM B473 Normalized Blooms 20cb3 Metal Normalized Rods
    Quenched & Tempered Carpenter 20cb-3 Bar ASTM B473 Quenched & Tempered Billets Alloy 20 Quenched & Tempered Blooms Quenched & Tempered Acero 20cb3 Rods
    Hardened & Tempered Alloy 20 Bar Acero 20cb3 Hardened & Tempered Billets Hardened & Tempered ASTM B473 Blooms Hardened & Tempered Alloy 20 Rods
    20cb3 Metal Black Bar Stockist Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Black Billets Alloy 20 Black Blooms Suppliers ASTM B473 Black Rods Stockist
    Alloy 20 Bright Bar Suppliers Alloy 20 Bright Billets Suppliers Alloy 20 Bright Blooms Stockist Acero 20cb3 Bright Rods
    20cb3 Metal Peeled Bar Distributors ASTM B473 Peeled Billets Stockist Peeled 20cb3 Stainless Steel Blooms Alloy 20 Peeled Rods Suppliers
    20cb3 Stainless Steel Grinded Machined Bar Grinded Machined N08020 Alloy 20 Billets Grinded Machined Acero 20cb3 Blooms Grinded Machined 20cb3 Stainless Steel Rods
    Alloy 20 Bar Shape Alloy 20 Billets Shape Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Blooms Shape Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Rods Shape
    Alloy 20 Round Bar Suppliers 20cb3 Stainless Steel Round Billets Stockist Alloy 20 Round Blooms Stockist 20cb3 Stainless Steel Round Rod Stockist
    Alloy 20 Flat Bar Stockist Alloy 20 Flat Billets Suppliers 20cb3 Stainless Steel Flat Blooms Distributors Astm B473 N08020 Flat Rods Distributors
    20cb3 Stainless Steel Square Bar Distributors Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Square Billets Alloy 20 Square Blooms UNS N08020 Square Rods
    Astm B473 N08020 Round Corner Square Bar DIN 2.4660 Round Corner Square Billets 20cb3 Round Corner Square Blooms Astm B473 N08020 Round Corner Square Rods
    UNS N08020 Flat Block Bar Distributors 20cb3 Stainless Steel Flat Block Billets Stockist Astm B473 N08020 Flat Block Blooms Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Flat Block Rods
    UNS N08020 Rectangular Bar 20cb3 Stainless Steel Rectangular Billets UNS N08020 Rectangular Blooms DIN 2.4660 Alloy 20 Rectangular Rods
    20cb3 Stainless Steel Hexagonal Bar UNS N08020 Hexagonal Billets Astm B473 N08020 Hexagonal Blooms Astm B473 N08020 Hexagonal Rods
    UNS N08020 Hollow Bar Suppliers Astm B473 N08020 Hollow Billets Stockist UNS N08020 Hollow Blooms Distributors Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Hollow Rods Stockist
    Astm B473 N08020 Hollow Ring Bar UNS N08020 Hollow Ring Billets DIN 2.4660 Alloy 20 Hollow Ring Blooms UNS N08020 Hollow Ring Rods
    Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Circular Bar Stockist Astm B473 N08020 Circular Billets Distributors Astm B473 N08020 Circular Blooms Stockist Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Circular Rods Stockist

    Alloy 20 Bar & Rod for sale

    Alloy 20 Rectangular Bar Stockist Astm B473 N08020 Flat Bar Suppliers
    Acero 20cb3 T-Bar Suppliers Astm B473 N08020 Rounds Stockist
    Astm B473 Uns N08020 Square Bar Alloy 20 Half-Round Bar
    Carpenter 20cb-3 Round Bar Acero 20cb3 Hexagonal Bar
    Alloy 20 Threaded Bar Stockist Astm B473 Uns N08020 Rebar Distributors
    Astm B473 N08020 Hollow Bar Distributors Alloy 20 Precision Ground Bar
    UNS N08020 Precision Ground Stock Astm B473 N08020 Triangle bar
    20cb3 Metal Rods Suppliers Acero 20cb3 Hex Bar Suppliers
    Astm B473 Uns N08020 Hexagon Bar UNS N08020 Forged Bar Stockist
    Astm B473 N08020 Round Bar Distributors Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Round Rod
    UNS N08020 Bright Bar Suppliers 20cb3 Metal Black Bar Suppliers
    Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Billets Bar Stockist UNS N08020 Ingot Suppliers
    ASTM B473 Spring Steel Bar Distributors Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Forged Round Bar
    Carpenter Alloy 20cb-3 Threaded Bar Distributors ASTM B473 Cold Drawn & Polished Square Bar
    Astm B473 Uns N08020 Cold Drawn Bar Cold Rolled Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Round Hot Forged Bar
    ASTM B473 Round Hot Forged Bar Astm B473 Uns N08020 Polish Bar Stockist
    Acero 20cb3 Polished Round Bar Bright Incoloy Alloy 20 Hollow Bar
    Astm B473 N08020 Alloy 20 Black Surface Round Bar ASTM B473 Round Bar For Shaft Distributors
    Large Diameter 20cb3 Stainless Steel Round Bar Acero 20cb3 flat bright round bar
    Solid Round 20mm Incoloy Alloy 20 Bar Cold drawn Carpenter 20cb-3 round bar
    Astm B473 Uns N08020 RCS Bar Suppliers Hot Rolled Incoloy Alloy 20 round Bar Distributors
    Half Incoloy Alloy 20 round bar Stockist Bright Black surface 20cb3 Stainless Steel round bar

    ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Alloy 20 Round Bar Useful Information

    Quality & Inspection :
    •  Bundles of ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Alloy 20 Forged Bar are made of 500/1000kgs each packed in HDPE sheets.
    •  Container is fumigated before stuffing. All wooden box /blockes are also fumigated.
    •  All ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Alloy 20 Hex Bar are free from any internal defects
    •  Each lot is tested and ensured that material is free from Radio active contamination.
    •  Each ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Alloy 20 Black Bar is tested for size tolerance, Ovality, length and Roughness.
    •  EN10204/3.1 Certificate as per ADW0
    •  All required Mechanical and metallurgical tests are carried out at our works.

    ASTM B473 UNS N08020 Alloy 20 Round Bar usage/ application

    •  Cryogenic storage tanks
    •  Valves, fasteners, springs, mandrels, tubing hangers
    •  Chemical processing
    •  Aerospace
    •  Liquid fuel rocket motor components
    •  Pollution-control equipment
    •  Nuclear reactors
    •  Well head completion equipment and blow out preventers (BOP’s)
    •   Gas turbine engine parts

    Alloy 20 Round Bar Price List

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