• Stainless Steel Round Bar Tolerances, Cold Drawn Bar Diameter Tolerance, En8 / Precision Ground/Hot Rolled Round Bar, Iso 286-2 Round Bar Tolerances
  • Stainless Steel Bar Tolerances

    Stainless Steel Round Bar Tolerances, Brass Round Bar Tolerances, Cold Drawn Bar Diameter Tolerance, En8 / Precision Ground/Hot Rolled Round Bar Tolerances, Iso 286-2 Round Bar Tolerances

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    Stainless Steel Round Bar Tolerances | EN Standards for Stainless Steel Bar Tolerances

    EN Standards for Stainless Steel Bar

    The old BS970 Parts 1 & 3: 1991 standards have been replaced by a number of EN Standards, the most important of which are shown below

    EN10088-3 Replaces BS970 Part 1: 1991 & BS970 Part 3: 1991 covering chemical composition & mechanical properties

    EN10058 Tolerances for Hot Rolled Flat Bars

    EN10059 Tolerances for Hot Rolled Square Bars

    EN10060 Tolerances for Hot Rolled Round Bars

    EN10061 Tolerances for Hot Rolled Hexagonal Bars

    EN10278 Tolerances for Bright Bars (Drawn, Turned or Ground)

    ISO186 Parts 1 & 2 Tolerance Classifications .


    ~ The ISO tolerances shown are taken from ISO 286.

    ~ All other tolerances shown in this document are  based upon the relevant part's of the applicable EN Standard's.

    ~ For tolerances on Rolled Edge Flat Bar please refer to separate Datasheet

    Diameter - Smooth Turned

    (These are H10 tolerances, which are 'all minus' tolerances )

    Diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm)
    18 to 30+0 / -0.084
    31 to 50+0 / -0.100
    51 to 79+0 / -0.120

    Diameter - Rough Turned

    (These are 'all plus' tolerances)

    Diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm)
    75 to 150-0 / +1.5
    151 to 225-0 / +2.0
    226 to 410-0 / +3.0

    Diameter - Bright Drawn


    These are H9 Tolerances
    H9 Tolerances are 'all minus' tolerances:

    +0mm / - Figure in table

    Diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm)
    6 to 10+0 / -0.036
    11 to 18+0 / -0.043
    19 to 30+0 / -0.052

    Width & Thickess - Hot Rolled Square

    Size (mm) Tolerance (mm) + or -
    75 to 1501.5
    151 to 2252.0
    226 to 4103.0

    Thickness - Hot Rolled Flat

    Size (mm) Tolerance (mm) + or -
    Up to 200.5
    20 to 401.0
    40 to 801.5

    Width - Hot Rolled Flat

    Size (mm) Tolerance (mm) + or -
    10 to 400.75
    40 to 801.0
    80 to 1001.5
    100 to 1202.0
    120 to 1502.5

    Angle Bars - Leg Length

    Leg (mm) Leg Length Tol (mm) + or - Thickness (mm) + or -
    40 & 502.00.6
    60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 1003.00.75

    Angle Bars - Internal Radius

    Leg (mm) Max Internal Radius (mm)
    20, 25, 304
    50, 607
    65, 70, 75, 809
    90, 10010

    ISO 286 Tolerances in mm


    H = All Minus Tolerance  e.g. 45mm dia. H9 = +0 / -0.062

    J = Tolerance Divided  e.g. 45mm dia. J9 = +/- 0.031

    K = All Plus Tolerance e.g. 45mm dia. K9 = +0.062/ -0

    ( The K tolerance is usually only applied to larger diameter bars - over 75mm

    H8 = Precision Ground

    H9 = Bright Drawn

    H10 = Smooth Turned

    In the following table:


    Diameter (mm)678910111213
    >1 to 3 inc.0.0070.0090.0140.0250.0400.0600.0900.140
    >3 to 6 inc.0.0080.0120.0180.0300.0480.0750.1200.180
    >6 to 10 inc.0.0090.0150.0220.0360.0580.0900.1500.220
    >10 to 18 inc.0.0110.0180.0270.0430.0700.1100.1800.270
    >18 to 30 inc.0.0130.0210.0330.0520.0840.1300.2100.330
    >30 to 50 inc.0.0160.0250.0390.0620.1000.1600.2500.390
    >50 to 80 inc.0.019-0.0460.0740.1200.1900.3000.460
    >80 to 120 inc.0.022--0.0870.1400.2200.3500.540
    >120 to 180 inc.0.025--0.1000.1600.2500.4000.630
    >180 to 250 inc.---0.1150.1850.2900.4600.720
    >250 to 315 inc.-----0.3200.5200.810
    >315 to 400 inc.-----0.3600.5700.890
    >400 to 500 inc.-----0.4000.6300.970
    > 500-----0.4400.7001.100

    Straightness Tolerances for Bright Bars

    Taken from BS EN 10278:1999, applicable to Bright Bars only.

    Method of measuring deviation - Preferred Method B.1 from BS EN 10278:

    1. The bar shall be supported on a suitable surface so as to eliminate or minimise sagging.

    2. A 1 metre long straight edge shall be placed on the surface of the bar at any position along it's length.  No part of the straight edge shall be within 150mm of the ends of the bar.

    3. Straightness shall be determined by measuring the gap between the bar and the straight edge by suitable means such as a feeler guage.

    The following table indicates:


    ProductDimensionMax Deviation in mm within a 1mtr length measured at least 150mm from either end of bar
    Square & Hexagon< or = 75mm1.0mm
    Square & Hexagon> 75mm1.5mm
    FlatWidth < 120mmOn Width: 1.5mm
    FlatWidth < 120mmOn Thickness: 2.0mm
    FlatWidth > or = 120mmOn Width: 2.0mm
    FlatWidth/Thickness < 10.1On Thickness: 2.5mm
    FlatWidth > or = 120mmOn Width: 2.5mm
    FlatWidth/Thickness > or = 10.1On Thickness: 3.0mm

    Stainless Steel Grades

    The following Table lists:

    Stainless Steel Grades, Compositions & Typical Mechanical Properties

    Mechanical Properties apply to Rolled Products

    ENBSAISIEN No.CompCompCompCompCompMechMechMech
    ObsoleteCCrNiMoOtherProof 0.2%NmmTensile NmmElong %
    1.4002405S17405-0.08x12--0.2 Al210-250400-60017
    1.4509---0.015x18--Nb, Ti---
    1.4510-430Ti-0.05x17--0.6 Ti230-240420-60023
    1.4511-430Nb-0.05x17--0.6 Nb230-240420-60023
    1.4512409S19409-0.03x11--0.5 Ti210-220380-56025
    1.4521-(444)-0.025x17-20.6 Ti---
    1.4594460S52--0.7x1451.51.5 Cu700-1000930-127010

    Stainless Steel Grades - Cont'd

    The following Table lists:

    Stainless Steel Grades, Compositions & Typical Mechanical Properties

    Mechanical Properties apply to Rolled Products

    ENBSAISIEN NoCompCompCompCompCompMechMechMech
    ObsoleteCCrNiMoOtherProof 0.2% NmmTensile NmmElong %

    Tolerances to BS EN 10278 for bright stainless steel bars


    Tolerances for bright drawn, ground, turned and polished stainless steel bars are included with the general standards for other bright steel bars in BS EN 10278.
    The standard mentions the shapes round, hexagon, square and flat, but not all of these cross sections have specific tolerance tables. This article will only show the tolerances for stainless steel bars for the sections specifically covered. All dimensions are in millimetres (mm).
    The data given is not intended to replace that shown in individual standards to which reference should always be made.
    Dimensions and tolerances for stainless steel long products are covered
    These tolerances can be used in conjunction with bars specified to BS EN 10088-3

    Finish condition and tolerance classes

    Finish condition

    BS EN 10278 has the symbols for finishes, as shown below.
    drawn +C
    turned +SH
    ground +SL
    polished +PL

    Tolerances classes

    Tolerances on dimensions (diameter, thickness, width) are those established by ISO 286-2. The tolerance classes that are applicable to various finish conditions and sections are shown in the table below.

    Finish condition Tolerance class to ISO 286-2
    h6 h7 h8 h9 h10 h11 h12
    Drawn - - -R R R,S,H R,S,H
    Turned - -- R R R R
    Ground R R R R R R R
    Polished R R R R R R R

    R = round; S = square; H = hexagon
    The tolerances (or limit deviations) for the whole range tolerance "ISO" classes covering round and hexagon bars is shown in table below. The ranges are all +0, all minus ie for a 20mm bar to tolerance class h9 with a tolerance range of 0.052, the tolerance is -0.052/+0, giving an acceptable product size range of 19.948 to 20.000mm.

    Tolerances on cross sections

    Drawn round, hexagon and square bars

    Drawn round bars are covered by class h10, except for any supplied in the quenched and tempered condition (ie martensitic stainless grades), which are covered by class h11
    Hexagon and square bars are covered by class h11 in sections sizes up to 80mm and class h12 in section sizes over 80mm. Ground finished products are covered by class h9.

    Nominal dimension Tolerance class to ISO 286-2
    h6 h7 h8 h9 h10 h11 h12
    over 1 up to 3 0.006 0.010 0.014 0.025 0.040 0.060 0.100
    over 3 up to 6 0.008 0.012 0.018 0.030 0.048 0.075 0.120
    over 6 up to 10 0.009 0.015 0.022 0.036 0.058 0.090 0.150
    over 10 up to 18 0.011 0.018 0.027 0.043 0.070 0.110 0.180
    over 18 up to 30 0.013 0.021 0.033 0.052 0.084 0.130 0.210
    over 30 up to 50 0.016 0.025 0.039 0.062 0.100 0.160 0.250
    over 50 up to 80 0.019 0.030 0.046 0.074 0.120 0.190 0.300
    over 80 up to 120 0.022 0.035 0.054 0.087 0.140 0.220 0.350
    over 120 up to 180 0.025 0.040 0.063 0.100 0.160 0.250 0.400
    over 180 up to 200 0.029 0.046 0.072 0.115 0.185 0.290 0.460

    Out of round (ovality)

    The standard states that the maximum deviation from "out of round" shall not be more than half the specified tolerance but never above the upper limit of the tolerance.

    Flat bars

    Drawn flat bars are covered in table 3 of the standard and are shown in the tables below.

    Width Deviation ISO 286-2 class
    Up to 18 +0 -0.11 h11
    over 18 up to 30 +0 -0.13 h11
    over 30 up to 50 +0 -0.16 h11
    over 50 up to 80 +0 -0.19 h11
    over 80 up to 100 +0 -0.22 h11
    over 100 up to 150 +0.50 -0.50 -
    over 150 up to 200 +1.00 -1.00 -
    over 200 up to 300 +2.00 -2.00 -
    over 300 up to 400 +2.50 -2.50 -
    Thickness Deviation ISO 286-2 class
    over 3 up to 6 -0.075 h11
    over 6 up to 10 -0.090 h11
    over 10 up to 18 -0.11 h11
    over 18 up to 30 -0.13 h11
    over 30 up to 50 -0.16 h11
    over 50 up to 60 -0.19 h11
    over 60 up to 80 -0.30 h12
    over 80 up to 100 -0.35 h12

    All deviations on thickness are +0. These deviations only apply to steels with carbon contents up to 0.20%. Over this limit the deviation is increased by 50%.

    Tolerances on length

    BS EN 10278 specifies the types of length and length tolerances in the format of the following table.

    Type of length Length Limit deviation To be stated on order
    Manufacturing length 3000 to 9000 +/- 500 Length
    Stock length 3000 or 6000 0, +200 eg 6000
    Cut to length Up to 9000 To specifications with +/- 5 minimum Length and tolerance

    The standard to be consulted for notes on short length bars.

    Tolerances on straightness

    The standard covers covers both stainless and non-stainless steel families. Only the tolerances relating to stainless steels are shown in the following table.

    Product form Nominal dimension Deviation
    Rounds -1.0
    Squares and hexagons up to 75 1.0
    over 75 1.5
    Flats width below 120 1.5 on width / 2.0 on thickness
    width at or over 120 and w/t below 10:1 2.0 on width / 2.5 on thickness
    width at and over 120 and w/t at or over 10:1 2.5 on width / 3.0 on thickness

    Methods of measurement

    Except for straightness, BS EN 10278 does not provide guidance on the measurement of the specified dimensions and how to verify whether or not the tolerance limits have been met.


    The standard outlines two methods for measuring straightness.
    The preferred method involves supporting the bar on a suitable surface to eliminate or minimise sagging. If a 1 metre long straight edge is placed on the bar at any position, then the maximum gap between the bar and straight edge is measured by a suitable means such as inserting feeler gauges. The bar is deemed straight if the gap is less than that shown in the table in the 'Tolerances on straightness' section, above.
    The standard also describes a dial gauge method as an alternative to the gap measurement method.

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