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  • High Tensile Stud Bolt Manufacturers India

    High Tensile Stud Bolt Manufacturers in Mumbai India & High Tensile Studs Specifications

    High Tensile Stud Bar, High Tensile Stud Material, High Tensile Stud Bolts Manufacturer, High Tensile Wheel Studs, High Tensile Steel Studs, High Tensile Steel Stud, High Tensile Studs

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    Check : STUD BOLT TORQUE CHART, STUD BOLT WEIGHT CHART & DIMENSIONS, Stainless Steel Stud Bolt A193 B8 B8M Dimensions

    High Tensile Stud Bolts

    ASTM A193 / A194 High Tensile Stud Bolts Specification

    Normal Dia : ¼” to 4″ 6-100 mm
    Length : As Specified by user or Upto any Length. 

    Specification / Standard:


    Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Ferritic & Austenitic Stainless Steel 

    Grades :
    ASTM A 320 L7/L7M/B8/B8M ; SS304/316;ASTM A 193 B7/B7M/B16/B8/B8M 

    UNC, 8UN, UNF, Metric Coarse & Fine Series

    Surface Finish:
    Plain, Zinc Plated , Hot Dip Galvanized, P.T.F.E. Coated

    Product name High Tensile Stud Bolts
    Place of Origin India
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Grades High Tensile Stud Bolts Grade 8.8
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Grade 12.9
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Grade 10.9
    Standard IS / BS / BSW / DIN / ASME / ASTM, ISO 4017, DIN931, GB5783, DIN, ASTM, ANSI, JIS, EN, AS
    DIN Standard B.S. DIN933 DIN931 DIN934 DIN912 DIN603 DIN6923
    Surface treatment
    Passivation /plain
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Size M2 – M100
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Diameter M3-M60
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Length 6mm-500mm
    Head Hex, Square, Round, Hex flange, Flat, T-head & Triangular etc
    Neck type Hex, Square, Triangular, Oval & Knurled etc
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Drive type Phil, Slotted, Hex socket, Torx & square slot etc
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Material
    • 1. Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS410, SS420
    • 2. Steel: C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
    • 3. Brass: C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58)
    • 4. Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc.
    • 5. Iron: 1213, 12L14, 1215
    • 6. Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063 etc.
    • 7. Carbon steel: C1006, C1010, C1018 ,C1022, C1035K, C1045
    • 8. Alloy steel: SCM435, C10B21, C10B33
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Application Wind tower, Nuclear power, Railway, Automotive industry, Railway, Construction, Electronic industry
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Dimensions ASME B18.6.3 **Exception: screws 6 inches and shorter are fully threaded.
    Thread Requirements ASME B1.1, UNC & UNF, Class 2A (Fastenal will inspect and accept parts with a 1A no-go gauge)
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Finish Per ASTM A380/A380M
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Finishing Zinc Plated (Yellow, White, Blue, Black), Passivated, Hop Dip Galvanized (HDG) phosphorization, Black Oxide, Geomet, Dacroment, Sandblast and Anodize, Chromate, Electro Painting, Black Anodize, Chrome plated, Nickel plated, Zinc-Nickel plated, Brass Plated, Tin Plated, Black Plated, Copper Plated, Gold Plated, Salt fog test
    Stock Products Stainless steel: All DIN, GB Standard and part ASNI standard High Tensile Stud Bolts, Example: ISO7380, DIN7981, DIN7982, DIN916, DIN913, DIN7985, DIN912
    Production technology Cold Forged
    Manufacturing Process Wire Drawing, Cold Heading, Insert tapping, Heat Treatment, Surface Plating, Inspection, Packing
    MOQ 10 pieces
    Delivery time Regular product is about 7-15 days, custom product will according to special requirement
    Others OEM, ODM, ±0.03MM tolerance
    Surface treatment of High Tensile Stud Bolts
    • Passivation
    • Polish
    • Anodizing
    • Sand blasting
    • Electroplating (color, blue, white, black zinc, Ni, Cr, tin, copper, silver)
    • Black oxide coating
    • Heat-disposing
    • Hot-dip galvanizing
    • Rust preventive oil
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Coatings Black Oxide, Cadmium, Galvanized, Teflon, Xylan, Zinc, Others Upon Request
    Tolerance of High Tensile Stud Bolts +/-0.01mm to +/-0.05mm
    High Tensile Stud Bolts Samples Yes
    Production Capacity 2,700,000 pieces per month
    Payment Terms T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C or Trade Assurance 30% deposit & balance before shipping
    Specialized in High Tensile Stud Bolts CSK philip screw, CSK socket screw, Pan head Ph screw, Pan head socket screw, Socket cap head screw, set screw, Pan head torx screw, CSK head trox screw, Wood screw

    High Tensile Bolts 8.8 Specification

    Standards : DIN EN ISO 4014 & 4017 DIN 931 / 933 & IS 1364 / IS 1363

    Size : Dia M 20 to 100 mm / Inch 3/4"to 3.1/2"

    Finish : Plain / Zinc plated / Hot dip galvanised

    Grades Material Description :
    Grade 8.8 Medium Carbon Boron Steel ; Quenched & Tempered

    High Tensile Bolts 8.8 Mechanical Prperties :
    Grades Size Range PS [MPa] YS (min) [MPa] TS (min) [MPa] Hardness [Rockwell]
    Class 8.8 Under M16 580 640 800  
    17-72 600 660 830 C23–34

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